Our Mission

"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion." ~ Rumi

As a little brand with a big mission, Mount Indigo was started to help protect the world we love to explore. Fashion has been named one of the top polluting industries and our planet and the people making our clothes are paying the price. We're making a sassy sustainable fashion statement to recruit others to join the rescue mission for our planet.

Our goal is to spread awareness of the need for a more sustainable fashion industry along with other ways we can live more eco-friendly lives. We're trying to do it in a fun way but the sad truth is that so many people don't care about the damage we are doing to the planet, that the work left for the rest of us to turn it around is HUGE. We aren't afraid of the work and we know we can make a difference, so we are joining the fight because there is no planet B!

We also believe in giving back and being transparent with our customers about exactly how much we are donating and where the money is going. We are pledging to give 1% of our proceeds back to the planet towards sustainability efforts. Currently we are donating to:

National Park Foundation 

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center